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    knowing how few actual people visit this site on a daily basis I doubt anyone noticed the downtime. Today I upgraded my internet from my shitty ADSL2+ 15mbps down /.8 mbps up (colba.net paid for 24/1 $40/month with annual lump sum payment) to my new ISP with VDSL2/FTTN and a data rate of 20-22mbps down and 8-10mbps up (pay for 25/10) the difference in price is a $10 cad increase per month. however the modem that they give u seems to be a bit of a pain to use and doesn’t seem  stable hopefully it will settle down in the next few days

    update: whelp i got fed up with the shitty netis modem/router failing all the time and loosing network coning so i reconfigured the network so that the netis is in bridged modem mode and my primary router is managing the traffic instead and so far the internet speed has increased because of it, awesome, and im having no connection issues with the server anymore so i will continue monitoring and hope everything stays solid (managed to get it working in less than an hour instead of the 4-5 hours fucking with the netis interface yesterday)

    I am guessing the netis wasn’t able to handle the network load that we have in our home so it would overload and crash out  but now its only job is to be a network gateway  which only talks to our fiber node also it seems I am on a static IP (or just a very long lease) now so I don’t need to worry about name server propagation downtime when the network craps out or the IP gets rotated  or dealing with mail servers that dont like dynamic ips. However the down side is if my server gets hacked and ends up on a bunch of blacklists for spamming its gonna be a pain in the ass to recover from (speaking from experience)


    update2: Im getting the speed im paying for FUCK YEah

  • Autism in standard education

    Well here goes. This is a personal rant. I have never been expressly diagnosed with autism as i have never had a psychologist/psychiatrist  long enough  to be formally diagnosed due to finical issues or to life i.e. moving out of country.However it has been strongly suggested by therapists that I likely have autism spectrum disorder or Asperger’s syndrome.  Including my stepmother who was an adult social worker with a masters in psychology (i even found her copy of DSMIV that had the  page on AS bookmarked and heavily annotated with references to my activity where the rest of the book was fairly void of markings.). Early on in school (long before i ever saw a psychologist) i was put into learning disability programs at school partly due to an early speech impediment.

    Any way school has always been a very strange mix of extremely difficult and painfully easy and the constant social interaction would leave me drained at the end of each day and in the morning with never enough time to my self especially in high school and middle school (granted during most of that time it was only my father and i). But it was a difficult for me to study because the last thing i wanted to do was think about school and all the social crap i had to put with there. This has had the detriment of  me becoming weak in math  because this was the only subject that  I had any trouble with in school that i could prevent by actively studding (languages have also been my weak point but my mind dosn’t work well with spoken languages period) so that resulted in me just scraping by in each math class, where every other class i would be getting high marks to the point that i was purposefully putting wrong answers to keep my marks below honer roll level  (i have been on the honer roll once at each school i have attend just to prove i can get there with little effort). I kept my marks back to avoid the expectation and the added pressure from my father and teachers.

    any way back to the point of being autistic in school  my problem is the huge over baring social aspect to it  no mater where you go there are people and unless you live near to the school you cant go home between classes  so you stay and try to find a quiet spot  that has only few people. This is especially true in college  every “quiet space” is filled with 80  some odd people making noise, moving around and in general making things more uncomfortable for those of us who truly need the quiet and isolation  just to cope on long weeks this results in me missing days of school just because I need to recover my social energy. in my school i have encountered problems with  trying to get some help. I was never good at talking t people and those i do try to just talk seem to automatically be suspicious of me this being the most true of the special needs counselor in my college i went to her initially just to try to talk and get some help with coping skills and information . she seemed to automatically think i wanted school accommodations at the time i didn’t even know they offered it  and she kept pushing for me to get some kind of document from psychologists that i haven’t even spoken to in years and of course they wanted to talk to me to even get a hand written note and i didn’t have the money for a session ($250 at the time) and i was panicking and just wanted help i ended up nearly failing  that semester with no help from the student services i felt helpless  and depressed and stuck in a place where everyone seemed to think if you want help from the school you have a hidden  agenda. so i just toughed it out i guess and got into a different program at school. so here i am the last semester of program courses of my new program (i still have 1 or 2 semesters of other classes left before i can graduate )turning 25 with not even a college diploma to my name 6 years out of high school. however i have heard amazing news yesterday that i can get in to a university and have a bachelors of engineering technology with only 1 additional year of school (the university is a fair distance away however)  because of a deal setup between my school and that university as this would be my only real opportunity to get a bachelors degree because i have no desire to do another 5 years of school  i need to get on with my life.


    to anyone that managed to read this whole thing: I thank you for listening to my rant or whatever this can be called and putting up with my horrific punctuation and sentence structure this  is just a raw outflow from my mind and the only way I could articulate my thoughts. I did try to clean it up and make it easier to read i just needed to clear my mind and this is the only effective way for me to do it when everything gets stuck in a mental buffer of sorts. and it makes me feel better.

  • Blody HDDs

    im sure some of you noticed the server went down quite often in the last month first I downgraded the system to 12.04 LTS in the process I backed up my home folders in a .tar.gz this was my first problem NEVER use tar.gz on critical backups use tar.bz if you need the tarball compressed. Any way I just threw the the tarballs on my older media HDD and when I tried to decompress it it kept getting stuck and when I tried to pull them off the server it would get stuck or transfer very slowly at times and at others it would be at full network speed. Turns out the HDD was not too happy and I knew the drive was throwing up the occasional S.M.A.R.T errors but the drive decided to start having corrupt sectors after I migrated. I recovered as much data as I could but I lost a lot of data including a full user profile and all of the emails stored on it and that had more than a few critical info emails so yeah bad luck on the timing.

    if i had the money to set up a RAID 5 I would but 3 1 TB drives would run me $300 after shiping and I don’t have that kind of money

    TL;DR version
    Dont compress critcal files with tar.gz and dont ignore S.M.A.R.T errors.

  • beefgir down

    the server is still running (i can access the back end) but the site is inaccessible right now it may be an issue with the domain host or the servers IP may have changed when the web host updated the server
    orrrr Beefgir may have forgotten to pay the domain host (wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened)

    beefgir had an issue with his credit card the site should be back up sometime this weekend

  • Server is up and running

    The Bell tech came at about 11  after showing him where I wanted the modem he went on his way testing, 3 minutes later: “The copper is shit so I need to put in a new cable.” so brand new wire to the buildings node (which was recently replaced) FUCK YEAH. About 3 hours later (including a lunch break) we had ADSL sync and internet but slow as hell, reboot the modem got 30ms of latency to local servers 9-13 Mbits down and 0.75-9Mbits up with speedtest

    its a bit slower down link then i would like but im happy with it for now as long as its consistent


    The server was finally on the internet as of 16:30 there was an issue with ddclient and name cheap that wasn’t allowing the records to update properly after about an hour of dicking around I deleted all the records for my domain names and rest them up and that fixed it (go figure). So now the minecraft server and mail server are running as well YAY.


    speed test to a local server:

    speedtest to one across the country:


  • Server move day / internet hookup day

    so on June 13th at some point my new apartment will get internet  and there for the server will go to its new home

    I have added a count down clock in  on the top left of the home page

    ISP details:

    ISP: colba.net (same as I have now but we dont share with any one, so less slow downs and outages)

    type: ADSL2+

    ISP estimated speed: 15Mbits down 0.9-1 Mbits up (we are about 1km from the CO )

    unlimited bandwidth (unlike every other ISP in Canada)

    cost: $458.15 a year (about 29 a month with dry loop)

  • Time to get up and go

    Its time for my girlfriend and I to move. We were quite happy where we are but a number of factors make us want to move; #1 gentrification of our area, shits starting to get expensive, condos are being built, and our rent is rising. In fact our apartment should be $900 for a very small 4 1/2 we currently pay $720 (and will increase in july). We have found a new place that is bigger, in a more accessible area, and cheaper a whooping $713 as far as when we move that’s the 21st of june (we have both apts for the month of june) the server may move before or after that depending on when internet is set up there and it may even be down for a few days. so we will see