• finding Work

    So for the past 3 years I have been working for as a seasonal building maintenance tech,  while going to school for Industrial automation, electronics, instrumentation and process control. I finished my last class back in January. Since October of last year I have been looking for work. After applying to a good 40 or 50 jobs I came across a job as a radar tech on ships that was a bit out of my ...

  • the fear of ISIS

    I felt i needed to express my feelings on this whole attack on pairs ordeal. first and foremost I want to express I am no expert on the mater and i have not been following the seria/isis/middle-east wars very well im no political annalist, im an electronics/automation nerd with anarchist ideals im not an activist i like to share my ideals by practicing them; helping people, educating people,en ...

  • petty theft

    So today my car was broken into and I had 5 things stolen 1 backpack (which contained my laptop (Lenovo G500S), notebooks, school books, some electronic components (possibly a bread board), solder, My TI-83 plus (which i’ve had for 8 years) and a wireless mouse) 1 5v 2.5A usb power supply and 3 usb cables (one new one from a dollar store, one P.O.S. hydra cable (has 5 different outputs for all ...

  • WELL we aint done yet

    thanks in huge part entirely to ALostEt3rnity beefgir has been funded for another year.

    at this moment i am pulling a full backup of beefgir.net. currently no one will have access to the site because the domain is redirecting to the eulogy page and will probably be fixed tomorrow sometime i think we all need a little break after the stress of losing a beloved website  until then  the fourms fr ...

  • Beefgir down maybe for good

    Bad news guys it looks like we wont be able to cover the cost of the host anymore neither beefgir nor myself can front $160 US to pay the host which may result in account termination beefgir is going to put something together  on freewebz because my internet connection cant handle the load that beefgir.net receives  i have a 12000/600kbps connection (adsl2+) and that’s $481 CAD a year or about ...

  • Beefgir down

    @1 30pm est (11-3-2015)

    hay all beefgir forgot to pay his host so we are out of a the house for now i will have a fourm on here in a fewdays if all goes bad i have a backup of the beefgir forums some where from a couple of months ago and could probably host them here if necessary

    @2:30 pm est


    good news and bad good news i found an SQL backup file from feb 2015  (both good and bad)

    bad n ...

  • Autism in standard education

    Well here goes. This is a personal rant. I have never been expressly diagnosed with autism as i have never had a psychologist/psychiatrist  long enough  to be formally diagnosed due to finical issues or to life i.e. moving out of country.However it has been strongly suggested by therapists that I likely have autism spectrum disorder or Asperger’s syndrome.  Including my stepmother who was an a ...

  • Ginger beer update

    So its been a few months and I have used up most of my ginger beer. I say used up because of a few things. First  I didn’t care all that much for the flavor because i made it from an extract it came loaded with an artificial sweetener  (because it was supposed to be sweet)  so it tastes like a diet soda it dose have a nice kick of alcohol ~10%  and the ginger taste is good if you can get past ...

  • Bottleing ginger beer

    I got my ginger beer bottled today YAY. now to let it do its second ferment for 2-3 weeks. I got 24 750ml bottles from my 5 gallon carboy (yay for mixed units)
    I just used an extract for a base and added a lot of fresh ginger (i also should have reduced the sugar its way too sweet)

    2014-11-07 14.24.03         2014-11-07 14.23.49


    all the barefoot wine bottles are from the recycling bin at work i hope they can handle the pressure ...

  • Headach = Arduino + PLC;

    For my college’s open house I made an Arduino send serial commands to a Siemens s7-200 that in turn controls a thyristor firing unit to control the speed of a DC shunt motor. I can also send direct commands through a PC via the Arduino. Sorry for the short video I didn’t think about getting video until the last minute.
    I will probably add more to this post at a later date