• FUCK this shit

    so i have been having a shit time with my server since i upgraded to 14.04 nothing worked very well the NIC kept bugging out random system crashes etc and it all started when i updated to 14.04 im finnaly done with it im going to downgrade to 12.04 LTS so now im backing up data and config files so i can reinstall and be up as quickly as possible i may do the actual downgrade in the next few days

  • beefgir down

    the server is still running (i can access the back end) but the site is inaccessible right now it may be an issue with the domain host or the servers IP may have changed when the web host updated the server
    orrrr Beefgir may have forgotten to pay the domain host (wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened)

    beefgir had an issue with his credit card the site should be back up sometime this weekend

  • Server is up and running

    The Bell tech came at about 11  after showing him where I wanted the modem he went on his way testing, 3 minutes later: “The copper is shit so I need to put in a new cable.” so brand new wire to the buildings node (which was recently replaced) FUCK YEAH. About 3 hours later (including a lunch break) we had ADSL sync and internet but slow as hell, reboot the modem got 30ms of latency to local servers 9-13 Mbits down and 0.75-9Mbits up with speedtest

    its a bit slower down link then i would like but im happy with it for now as long as its consistent


    The server was finally on the internet as of 16:30 there was an issue with ddclient and name cheap that wasn’t allowing the records to update properly after about an hour of dicking around I deleted all the records for my domain names and rest them up and that fixed it (go figure). So now the minecraft server and mail server are running as well YAY.


    speed test to a local server:

    speedtest to one across the country:


  • Server move day / internet hookup day

    so on June 13th at some point my new apartment will get internet  and there for the server will go to its new home

    I have added a count down clock in  on the top left of the home page

    ISP details:

    ISP: colba.net (same as I have now but we dont share with any one, so less slow downs and outages)

    type: ADSL2+

    ISP estimated speed: 15Mbits down 0.9-1 Mbits up (we are about 1km from the CO )

    unlimited bandwidth (unlike every other ISP in Canada)

    cost: $458.15 a year (about 29 a month with dry loop)

  • Time to get up and go

    Its time for my girlfriend and I to move. We were quite happy where we are but a number of factors make us want to move; #1 gentrification of our area, shits starting to get expensive, condos are being built, and our rent is rising. In fact our apartment should be $900 for a very small 4 1/2 we currently pay $720 (and will increase in july). We have found a new place that is bigger, in a more accessible area, and cheaper a whooping $713 as far as when we move that’s the 21st of june (we have both apts for the month of june) the server may move before or after that depending on when internet is set up there and it may even be down for a few days. so we will see

  • yay for server fun

    so last night I decided to finally upgrade my server to the latest ubuntu LTS (13.04) from 12.04 .I did a full backup of all my data last night and I found 30Gb of redundant phone backups that are now gone.  This morning  I bit the bullet and did the do-release-upgrade; everything went well… until I had to update some MySQL data bases because I forgot the root password for it. It took me an hour of dicking around to find it again and then I saw that apache2 was misbehaving after the upgrade. So I spent an hour dicking around with it it seems the newest version of apache2 doesn’t like the old config file so I said “fuck it purge that shit”  and start with a fresh install once I got my sites basically configured  I had to fix permission issues with the default config file. Fine did that then pages were “loading” but they just came out blank  after another hour of trouble shooting I figured out that I was missing a module dependency for php5 and as soon as that was installed, everything worked. yay

    moral of the story: no mater how smoothly an OS upgrade goes (even if you get a PEBKAC during it) something will go wrong somewhere when in doubt try turning it off and on again  (or reinstalling).

  • Email bug

    PHP send mail was not playing nice with my ISP and they have been rejecting emails from wordpress that is now fixed

    if you registered and did not get a confermation email please let me know in the comments

  • I need a bit of help

    so I got my Atmel xmega-B1 Xplained demo board last week and through the course of the week I have been trying to test it but all I can do with it is play with the pre-programmed stuff on the board because my computers don’t want to recognize the board properly, and unfortunately I don’t have a JTAG programer to do any software testing or even see the debugging info.

    The board only shows up as a generic HMI device when according to the documentation it should automatically show up as an Atmel HMI, a mass storage device, and as a COM port. So far I have tried the demo software installed various drivers that I found on Atmel’s website (windows wont let me use any of them) and even Atmel studio 6 does not want to recognize its existence so if any one has a suggestion please let me know
    I don’t exactly want to do a review of something I cant properly test I would buy a JTAG programmer but I don’t have the money for it right now

    maybe in a few months but not soon