• Autism in standard education

    Well here goes. This is a personal rant. I have never been expressly diagnosed with autism as i have never had a psychologist/psychiatrist  long enough  to be formally diagnosed due to finical issues or to life i.e. moving out of country.However it has been strongly suggested by therapists that I likely have autism spectrum disorder or Asperger’s syndrome.  Including my stepmother who was an adult social worker with a masters in psychology (i even found her copy of DSMIV that had the  page on AS bookmarked and heavily annotated with references to my activity where the rest of the book was fairly void of markings.). Early on in school (long before i ever saw a psychologist) i was put into learning disability programs at school partly due to an early speech impediment.

    Any way school has always been a very strange mix of extremely difficult and painfully easy and the constant social interaction would leave me drained at the end of each day and in the morning with never enough time to my self especially in high school and middle school (granted during most of that time it was only my father and i). But it was a difficult for me to study because the last thing i wanted to do was think about school and all the social crap i had to put with there. This has had the detriment of  me becoming weak in math  because this was the only subject that  I had any trouble with in school that i could prevent by actively studding (languages have also been my weak point but my mind dosn’t work well with spoken languages period) so that resulted in me just scraping by in each math class, where every other class i would be getting high marks to the point that i was purposefully putting wrong answers to keep my marks below honer roll level  (i have been on the honer roll once at each school i have attend just to prove i can get there with little effort). I kept my marks back to avoid the expectation and the added pressure from my father and teachers.

    any way back to the point of being autistic in school  my problem is the huge over baring social aspect to it  no mater where you go there are people and unless you live near to the school you cant go home between classes  so you stay and try to find a quiet spot  that has only few people. This is especially true in college  every “quiet space” is filled with 80  some odd people making noise, moving around and in general making things more uncomfortable for those of us who truly need the quiet and isolation  just to cope on long weeks this results in me missing days of school just because I need to recover my social energy. in my school i have encountered problems with  trying to get some help. I was never good at talking t people and those i do try to just talk seem to automatically be suspicious of me this being the most true of the special needs counselor in my college i went to her initially just to try to talk and get some help with coping skills and information . she seemed to automatically think i wanted school accommodations at the time i didn’t even know they offered it  and she kept pushing for me to get some kind of document from psychologists that i haven’t even spoken to in years and of course they wanted to talk to me to even get a hand written note and i didn’t have the money for a session ($250 at the time) and i was panicking and just wanted help i ended up nearly failing  that semester with no help from the student services i felt helpless  and depressed and stuck in a place where everyone seemed to think if you want help from the school you have a hidden  agenda. so i just toughed it out i guess and got into a different program at school. so here i am the last semester of program courses of my new program (i still have 1 or 2 semesters of other classes left before i can graduate )turning 25 with not even a college diploma to my name 6 years out of high school. however i have heard amazing news yesterday that i can get in to a university and have a bachelors of engineering technology with only 1 additional year of school (the university is a fair distance away however)  because of a deal setup between my school and that university as this would be my only real opportunity to get a bachelors degree because i have no desire to do another 5 years of school  i need to get on with my life.


    to anyone that managed to read this whole thing: I thank you for listening to my rant or whatever this can be called and putting up with my horrific punctuation and sentence structure this  is just a raw outflow from my mind and the only way I could articulate my thoughts. I did try to clean it up and make it easier to read i just needed to clear my mind and this is the only effective way for me to do it when everything gets stuck in a mental buffer of sorts. and it makes me feel better.

  • Ginger beer update

    So its been a few months and I have used up most of my ginger beer. I say used up because of a few things. First  I didn’t care all that much for the flavor because i made it from an extract it came loaded with an artificial sweetener  (because it was supposed to be sweet)  so it tastes like a diet soda it dose have a nice kick of alcohol ~10%  and the ginger taste is good if you can get past the diet taste. I ended up giving most of it away as Christmas gifts. every one seems to have liked it though.

    My next planned batch of beer will be a test batch of 8L  of Maple stout that I want to make from scratch.

  • Bottleing ginger beer

    I got my ginger beer bottled today YAY. now to let it do its second ferment for 2-3 weeks. I got 24 750ml bottles from my 5 gallon carboy (yay for mixed units)
    I just used an extract for a base and added a lot of fresh ginger (i also should have reduced the sugar its way too sweet)

    2014-11-07 14.24.03         2014-11-07 14.23.49


    all the barefoot wine bottles are from the recycling bin at work i hope they can handle the pressure

  • Headach = Arduino + PLC;

    For my college’s open house I made an Arduino send serial commands to a Siemens s7-200 that in turn controls a thyristor firing unit to control the speed of a DC shunt motor. I can also send direct commands through a PC via the Arduino. Sorry for the short video I didn’t think about getting video until the last minute.
    I will probably add more to this post at a later date

  • Followup to vistaprint

    so i got my vista print order about 5 minutes ago let me first go on to say the address labels are useless absolutely useless for their intended purpose. Because I used the template based editor I wanted something else ware the “address line fields” were so i put it there so I wouldn’t have to play with the formatting too much but of coarse they use the same fields for the “promotional” address labels. so I guess the only application for them is as a name tag.

    On to the card itself. The paper quality is about what I expected, standard business card stock and the edges are clean. The font size is smaller than I expected i should have gone with 1 or 2 points larger the graphic print quality is ok but the bold text is full of white spots from low resolution printing and even the black text feels feathered because of the low DPI. I had a QR code put on my card and it has a white boarder and a thick boarder at that because of coarse they don’t give the option for a transparent boarder. In short don’t use vista print its a shady company that wants to up sell you on everything and give you the lowest quality print job they can.

  • Helpin a friend out

    so I have an old friend that back in high school we kind of started a metal internet radio station that we dubbed black phoenix FM long short short it died. any way a month or so ago he wanted to start it back up so he did his thing (hes studding journalism and he has a strong interest in music especially local groups) and has an internet radio station set up and now he has a live website Black Phoenix Radio so go and give it a listen currently its just classic / pop rock with radiomy news with plans to turn the 8pm to 6am slot to metal. He also posts news about the music industry album releases etc.

  • Dirty Business Practice

    So the other day I had to make a business card for a class I decided to use vista print since that’s what the teacher recommended due to its price point for the most part the design process was somewhat limited with a decent set of templates with their background images. I found one i liked made it up and was fairly happy with it so i went to the check out process. First its all good select your quantity paper stock finish type etc. Problem is if you just click next for the card it takes you through a line of do you want this accessory or that or this shiny thing or maybe a magnet with your design on it etc. then you do a standard checkout process until you give them payment info and show your order review then it gives you one final promotion and if you are not paying full attention you miss it. It gives you 2 options 1 accept without promotion and 2 accept with promotion. well I was going fast so i missed it (and to be honest when you have done enough online orders it becomes pretty automatic). So i accidentally clicked accept with promotion(which is at the bottom of the 2 invoices displayed so i got another 8$ tacked onto my order at the very last step of a standard checkout.

    I see no reason to ever give them any more of my money if they try to get you to buy every other thing they sell just before checkout and then subversively try to trick you into buying more than you want. Ads are fine and fair play even the annoying “buy all our shit” thing before checkout is ok. But tacking on an option after words is down right dirty business practice. Granted its partly my fault for not paying attention, but i got caught in the trap that was designed specifically for people who stopped paying attention to the last step of online ordering (scroll to bottom, click accept order) because of more honest companies. Now i’m stuck with 140 return address labels and i don’t even send mail more than 2 or 3 times a year

    Vista print does everything to trick you into buying more stuff so don’t give them the business.

  • Blody HDDs

    im sure some of you noticed the server went down quite often in the last month first I downgraded the system to 12.04 LTS in the process I backed up my home folders in a .tar.gz this was my first problem NEVER use tar.gz on critical backups use tar.bz if you need the tarball compressed. Any way I just threw the the tarballs on my older media HDD and when I tried to decompress it it kept getting stuck and when I tried to pull them off the server it would get stuck or transfer very slowly at times and at others it would be at full network speed. Turns out the HDD was not too happy and I knew the drive was throwing up the occasional S.M.A.R.T errors but the drive decided to start having corrupt sectors after I migrated. I recovered as much data as I could but I lost a lot of data including a full user profile and all of the emails stored on it and that had more than a few critical info emails so yeah bad luck on the timing.

    if i had the money to set up a RAID 5 I would but 3 1 TB drives would run me $300 after shiping and I don’t have that kind of money

    TL;DR version
    Dont compress critcal files with tar.gz and dont ignore S.M.A.R.T errors.

  • FUCK this shit

    so i have been having a shit time with my server since i upgraded to 14.04 nothing worked very well the NIC kept bugging out random system crashes etc and it all started when i updated to 14.04 im finnaly done with it im going to downgrade to 12.04 LTS so now im backing up data and config files so i can reinstall and be up as quickly as possible i may do the actual downgrade in the next few days