Server is up and running

The Bell tech came at about 11  after showing him where I wanted the modem he went on his way testing, 3 minutes later: “The copper is shit so I need to put in a new cable.” so brand new wire to the buildings node (which was recently replaced) FUCK YEAH. About 3 hours later (including a lunch break) we had ADSL sync and internet but slow as hell, reboot the modem got 30ms of latency to local servers 9-13 Mbits down and 0.75-9Mbits up with speedtest

its a bit slower down link then i would like but im happy with it for now as long as its consistent


The server was finally on the internet as of 16:30 there was an issue with ddclient and name cheap that wasn’t allowing the records to update properly after about an hour of dicking around I deleted all the records for my domain names and rest them up and that fixed it (go figure). So now the minecraft server and mail server are running as well YAY.


speed test to a local server:

speedtest to one across the country: