the penial code

i belive that the way we deal with criminals is absolutely moronic. just locking them up is by far the worst thing to do what dose it do for them just get them away from the public? sure but what about when they are released they are free to commit crimes again. i don’t think that a lifetime imprisonment is right there has to be at the very least a second chance but no early release of the prisoner other than new evidence that proves him innocent and the only people that should actually be in a prison are those who commit violent crimes and during that time (at least the last half of their sentence) they should go through a proper education (if they are below a bachelors degree but may get higher degrees if they wish)and a rehabilitation program with psychologists they should only be allowed to leave prison upon completion of the rehab (unless they are found innocent) i believe that criminalization of consumption and position of drugs are absolutely stupid and they take up room in prison a bad environment for them in the first place what if you were to reeducate the makers and dealers as punishment lets say take a ecstasy manufacturer educate him in chemistry and get him a degree so he can go work as a lab assistant for a researcher or a pot farmer teach him about agriculture and get him a job in that field rehabilitation and reeducation is the solution because more often than not violent or drug related crime is found with poor and or uneducated people without any proper degree or ability to make money why lock some one up when you can make them a productive member of society. you shouldn’t be afraid of prison granted u shouldn’t want to go but it should be something to help you not waste tax payers money