petty theft

So today my car was broken into and I had 5 things stolen 1 backpack (which contained my laptop (Lenovo G500S), notebooks, school books, some electronic components (possibly a bread board), solder, My TI-83 plus (which i’ve had for 8 years) and a wireless mouse) 1 5v 2.5A usb power supply and 3 usb cables (one new one from a dollar store, one P.O.S. hydra cable (has 5 different outputs for all the common charging applications) and one half working flat cable (power was good but data lines severed) funny thing is they left my shitty gps that’s sitting in broad daylight.

Of course they break into the 10 year old  Hyundai elantra instead of one of the 15 other newer cars on the block that probably has more valuable stuff and no alarm system on top of that they scratched the shit out of the door frame trying to get in. I just so love when (probably) poor people rob other poor people to get by thank you capitalism. this year i made ~$10K I have to pay rent, insurance, gas, utilities, and food. so i cant afford to buy another $600 laptop for school or the replacement books for classes. hell thanks to government policies because i am a student i am not eligible for unemployment in the winter which i pay into all summer long. so i save most of my disposal income (the rest goes to my annual out of town trip) to make it through the winter (i am a seasonal employee). its not my longest rant but i just felt i had to wright about it and i don’t want to make the woe is me woe  is me pitty me for bad luck  am i pissed that it happened? fuck yes. can i do anything other than pissing and moaning yes and i already have (called the pigs, and the insurance company) I just needed to get it off my chest.


well the next thing i have planned to do is make a blinky light circute to fake a car alarm depending on what i have in stock i will either do it with a 555 or build a j-k flip flop  anyway 20 minute project for later ( i might investigate building my own alarm system period me thinks arduino based and Bluetooth for disabling) first i need to finish cleaning my apartment and file the police report for insurance money.