the fear of ISIS

I felt i needed to express my feelings on this whole attack on pairs ordeal. first and foremost I want to express I am no expert on the mater and i have not been following the seria/isis/middle-east wars very well im no political annalist, im an electronics/automation nerd with anarchist ideals im not an activist i like to share my ideals by practicing them; helping people, educating people,encouraging others to do the same, etc. do I have my own opinions as to whats going on? of course.


first off this scares me  not in the way that “zomfg the terrorists are gonna get me”. this scares me because of the reactions like that theses attacks try to generate I’m no moron I understand the jist of how group psychology works and so does ISIS  they are using the existing Islamophobia and xenophobia the western and European countries have been fostering since the golf and Iraq/Afghanistan  wars(and even befor that for France with the colonialism of north Africa) . i don’t denounce the fact that theses are terrorist attacks and is a horrible wast of human life and they arn’t the only attacks to happen of this size and thats not even in the last month but its the first one that’s really published  (my guess is due to the fact that France is a NATO country). This scares me because it illustrates just how Islamophobic/ xenophobic and bigoted the west has become. i don’t have TV so i rely on the internet for information but i assume that my facebook/ youtube feed mirrors fox, cnn,radio canada,msnbc quite well due to having more than a few family/friends/coworkers that are quite right wings or moderates and subscribe to fear mongering/ sensationalist  blogs. i do take the time to read them from time to time and it annoys me because of how skewed the articals are (the same goes for both sides of the political spectrum critical thinking goes a lomg way)


so anyway this scares me because I had hoped more people would see threw the fear of whats going on and the underling xenophobia that ISIS is provoking to bolster there numbers ISIS is not stupid they know what they are doing they are using social media and psychology to recruit members from the west from what i have seen they are not running this as a dictatorship like AL-quida and the like did with rich leaders at the top running things from there palaces and bunkers i.e. Stalin,Hitler muslilni Mao, Hussein, Kim but as a friendly (ablate extremist) come help us because you are different and we understand you recruitment almost socialist organization they want to create a religious war by making people fear Islam I want to iterate that due to my parentage and where i live i have been around Muslims for a long time almost every person that i have met who practices the religion are some of the nicest  down to earth people i know granted there are PLENTY of ass holes out there just like every religious or ethnic group (save for Buddhists and Taoists)

unknowen source used from a facebook post

tl;dr: I guess what i want to say is the fact that the attacks created such an anti Islam/ Syria/ refugee response among so many people and governments scares me  If I had the space and money to sponsor a few Syrian refugees or a family i sure as hell would offer them a place to stay and food, however I’m a broke student with a small apartment thats only capable of housing me and my partner at the moment

And to all of those people that live in a country that has been attacked by ISIS, regardless of where when or why I wish you the best of luck and safety and i wish i could offer more than a long rambling blog post on an obscure website.





I want to reiterate I am NOT a political expert, nor am I well versed in the politics of the Mideast and Europe(hell i had to make sure that  Nicolas Sarkozy wasn’t still president) I am of north American heritage all information posted here is pure opinion, observation, speculation, and rhetoric