finding Work

So for the past 3 years I have been working for as a seasonal building maintenance tech,  while going to school for Industrial automation, electronics, instrumentation and process control. I finished my last class back in January. Since October of last year I have been looking for work. After applying to a good 40 or 50 jobs I came across a job as a radar tech on ships that was a bit out of my league. (at that point i stopped caring about experience levels) So I applied any way, I didn’t expect a call back. a few weeks pass I get an email asking me to fill out an application from for the radar tech and a message asking If I would be willing to work as a trainee instead. Of course I say yes and hear very little from them for a couple of weeks and i get an email asking for an interview so i take it, it went well and lasted a lot longer than any other interview Ive had before I promise to get into better shape and learn more on radar theory (i did both). they tell me that if they take me (when im done with school ) They will send me to Asia to get trained as a radar tech. So I hear nothing for months until i get a message asking if I am willing to do a couple of shadowing days with one of their techs (yeh why not), all the while i have been sending out cv’s to any job that looked remotely interesting (average of about 2-3 per day)  and getting nothing more than the occasional automated “sorry you dont fit our profile yada yada yada. any way a few weeks later i get my first phone call from their office telling me what i need for the shadowing and another week passes I finally get a message telling me when to expect the shadowing, at this point they put me into contact with one of their techs so we can coordinate. then the vessel we were supposed to meet on ends up sitting at anchor for a month…. when I finally get a chance to go, it was great lots of cool stuff to see (and a lot to learn) and i was still interested so a couple more weeks pass and they still seemed interested in me (yay) finally about last week i get a message saying that they are working through their final decisions, and what seems to be a slip of the tongue, gave me a little more info then i was supposed to get. It sounds like it’s likely for me to have the job. but they said I would have a more concrete answer by the end of the week…… this was last Wednesday……go figure. so while im waiting for another 2 weeks I got a message from  a  very large rail company as a signal tech apprentice (that i applied to last October) to come in and do an aptitude test/ interview tomorrow. so after 7monts of job hunting i get my seccond call back while im still jumping through hoops for the first company and now while working on call as a building maintenance tech (before the season starts)  life is fun, im just so tired of being below the poverty line and need to start making more money than just getting by.

2 Responses to finding Work

  1. If you need a bit more to get by, feel free to ping me!

    Hoping you land a gig soon.

  2. Money is tight but I do have an income so I’m ok. I’m just trying to find career work rather than my seasonal job but thanks for the offer Lost, I appreciate it.